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Commercial Tenant Improvements & Building Upgrades

From simple improvements to new tenant build-outs, ResCom Solutions can complete your commercial projects or income property upgrades quickly and efficiently. ResCom Solutions excels at providing solutions to non-traditional commercial renovations. When dealing with investment properties, ResCom Solutions maintains each structure’s classic appeal while upgrading building systems and aesthetic issues to preserve or increase the investment’s value. ResCom Solutions will take care of our clients from start to finish: from office renovations to adding office space inside light commercial warehouses, to unit upgrades and exterior painting for apartment buildings.

Tenant Improvements and Retrofiting spaces

ResCom Solutions team of professionals has a long history of working with companies to retrofit and upgrade an existing space to improve its use. The improvements may be as simple as moving a door, or as complex as renovating an existing warehouse to make it a high tech manufacturing facility. Because our field managers are seasoned professional builders, they are able to navigate the ins and outs of tenant improvements, often while the facility remains operational. So as your needs change, or the details of your product flow requires modification, you can feel confident that Fisher & Sons has the expertise to devise the optimum solution and serve as an invaluable business resource to you and your growing organization.

ResCom Solutions

Getting the Best Return from Your Tenant Improvement Remodel Starts with Sound Builders

Enhancing your business space means better usability (for both employees and customers), improved workflow, more attractive appearance, and even increased energy efficiency – all of which can contribute to the success of your business. Deal with a professional contractor who has the depth of knowledge and insight to assure you of getting the best value for your remodeling investment. ResCom Solutions is a firm you can trust to deal with the required permits, drawings, and any other documentation, and who has the connections to readily source the materials and subcontractors the job will require.

ResCom Solutions